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Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans of America 50th Commemeration of the Vietnam War Associates of VVA
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Mission of the Arizona State Council

A stated in our home page, the purpose of Vietnam Veterans of America's is to foster, encourage, and promote the improvement of the condition of the Vietnam veteran improving their quality of life.

" Never again shall one generation of veterans abandon another "

Arizona Council Members

NOTE: Some members may have more than one title, the highest title held is shown.

Officers, Directors, and Delegates of the Arizona State Counci of Vietnam Veterans of America in Arizona
Title Name Chapter
PresidentGene Crego975
1st Vice PresidentPat Farrell975
2nd Vice PresidentChuck Byers1011
SecretaryWalt Schumacher835
TreasurerBill Wesp432
Asst. State TreasurerTerry Nolan95
Sergeant at ArmsFabian Cornejo
ChaplainDan Ross106
Membership DirectorNoel Stephens1011
Membership At Large DirectorEdward UzumeckisAt Large
DirectorBill Colberg1093
DirectorMichael Marks1011
DirectorLarry Mitchell432
DirectorButch Morgan106
DirectorAndrew Noriega835
DelegateRenee Ball95
DelegateJim Bernhardt106
DelegateJohn Dodge1011
DelegateJohn Zohovetz835