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Assisting Veterans

Veterans Service Officers assist veterans with benefits to which they are eligible. From compensation due to service connected disability to the G.I. Bill. We frequently run into veterans who are not aware of the benefits that are available to them. You have earned these benefits. Just some of the benefits are for modifying houses and automobiles, education, and compensation for service connected disabilities.

You have questions, our VSO's have answers. VSO's help you with claims and appeals. They also assist in finding other benefits due you. VSO's assist all veterans regardless of the era in which they served.

Vietnam Veterans of America Service Officers in Arizona

The following is a list of veteran service officers within Arizona and members of VVA. Our VSO's are dedicated to assisting veterans in processing their claims and appeals.

VSO's of Vietnam Veterans of America in Arizona
Veterans Service Officers Phone Area
Chuck Byers 856-906-8225 Mesa/Phoenix
Les Ryan 602-627-3299 Phoenix
Jerry Greenberg 480-610-6727 Mesa
Bob Foley 480-610-6727 Mesa
Mike Oravetz 520-792-1450, Ext. 6588 Tucson
Dan Ross 520-792-1450, Ext. 6588 Tucson
Dave Clark 928-377-1101 Mohave County
Bill Colberg 520- 259-8898 Cochise County