VA Disability Rating and Compensation Calculator

Effective 1 December 2016

New Veterans compensation benefits rate tables - effective 12/1/16 from the VA are used in this calculator. Compensation rates for 2016 to present. This calculator reflects the VA tables effective 12/1/16.

For ratings above 20% use the calculator below. Simply select the categories and items that apply and click submit.

Select categories that apply
Veteran Status
Disability Rating
Total Number of Children under 18
School Children Over 18
Spouse A/A

For Disability Ratings of 10% and 20% The Rates Below Apply

10 % and 20 % are paid at a flat rate. There is no added compensation for children, spouse, parents, Aid and Attendance or SMC.

For 10% and 20 % These Rates Apply Percentage Rate
10% $133.57
20% $264.02

To see the VA website and explanation of how the VA calculates compensation click here. This calculator and code is provided as a courtesy of web services. This is the only true compensation calculator.